Wanted- Projects Department Manager
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WEBLET is an innovative management app for Field Agents, Salesmen and  Technicians  ,which works on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers


 Projects Department Manager - Join Us 

.WEBLET  is looking for a manager for projects department  / senior project manager to join the team
The work iwill be in Ramat gan area  (BSR3 TOWER) ,near Ayalon Mall
.Our ideal candidate will manage  team of 4 projects managers , prioritising and distributing the tasks between all team members
.He should  be  a passionate, END to end projects management

Previous  Experience in a software house  or in  Erp implementation consultants - an advantage
Proven working experience as a project manegr or a system  analyst or business data analyst - mandatory
Previous experience in systems analysis and management of mobile projects -  an advantage
Understanding ERP processes
Proven ability to complete an end-to-end project
Ability to study a multi-parameter system and to implement customers needs through WEBLET platform 
Ability to manage in a dynamic environment
Management capacity and ability to effectively manage competing priorities.
Strong SQL Skills
XML skills - an advantage
Service consciousness
.Academic degree from a recognized university in Israel
.Willing to wear multiple hats and work on projects of all types, big and smal
.High-energy and enjoy working autonomously
Attention to detail and accuracy
Very strong communication skills and people skills

Writing characterization documents
client management
staff management

Please send me youe CV and details  jobs@masofonim.co.il
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פרטי התקשרות -  וובלט​ - WEBLET
כתובתנו: מגדלי בסר 4, קומה 28
מצדה 7 בני ברק, מיקוד 5126112
טלפון: 03-6160808
פקס: 03-6160202
דוא"ל: info@weblet.co.il
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